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Why You Should Upgrade Your Legacy FTTX

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With billions of devices currently connected to the internet, it’s easy to see the importance of maintaining fast and reliable networks that can handle the insane amount of data being transmitted. In the early days of broadband internet, copper coax networks were sufficient to handle the demands of relatively few users, and while many of these “legacy” networks are still in place, they’re ill-equipped to make the transition into the future. Even if the outdated copper network in your area has been upgraded to high-speed fiber optic, the FTTX carrying that data into your building may not be up to speed. If you’re still running on a legacy copper FTTX, here are a few reasons why the fiber optic experts at TCG Structured Communications are the right choice for FTTX installation.

Better Speeds
While your current, copper FTTX may be doing the trick right now, it’s unlikely that it will be able to maintain the same level of performance over the next decade. The more devices connected to a broadband network, the greater difficulty it will have maintaining acceptable speeds. In the old days, you might only have a single modem connected, but today’s networks have to be able to accommodate multiple computers and dozens of mobile devices, as well as the myriad of smart TVs, smart fridges, and smart speakers that make up the Internet of Things. If you want to maintain or surpass the speeds you achieved with your legacy network in the past, you’ll need to upgrade to high-speed fiber optic FTTX.

Better Reliability
Is your legacy FTTX as reliable as you’d like it to be? Copper networks are notorious for needing constant maintenance and for going down during bad weather. When Hurricane Sandy revealed critical weaknesses in the Northeast’s copper networks, many cities in the area made the switch to fiber optic. Since then, they’ve experienced significant improvements in reliability. Houston, a city that had an existing fiber optic network in place when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, experienced only minor connectivity problems during the storm, a fact that allowed rescue and recovery efforts to proceed unabated.

Lower Long-Term Costs
As we mentioned earlier, legacy copper networks need frequent maintenance to maintain speed and reliability. The costs of that maintenance can add up over time. In addition to their improved reliability, fiber optic networks also consume 40-60% less energy than copper. When you consider the costs of power and maintenance over time, it makes more sense to upgrade your legacy FTTX or copper network than it does to keep paying for it well into the future. Although there may be some up-front costs, upgrading to fiber optic has the potential to grant you a significant cost savings over the long term.

If you are a business owner, landlord, school administrator, or anyone else who needs an efficient, reliable network in your building, you need to get in touch with TCG Structured Communications today! We can upgrade legacy FTTX in the Philadelphia area including Delaware and New Jersey, and our cable installers are some of the best in the industry. Call (610) 639-0401 or visit our contact page and fill out the online form to get a free quote on your job or to find out more about what a high-speed fiber optic network can do for you!

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