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Fiber Splicing Blueprints Simplifications

Our solution is designed to revolutionize the way technicians work by simplifying complex tasks and reducing potential errors. With an intuitive interface and clear instructions, it makes the work easier to understand for technicians, ensuring they can navigate their responsibilities seamlessly.

Furthermore, our streamlined system significantly cuts down the time required for billing, automating invoicing processes and accurately tracking billable hours. This not only enhances efficiency but also optimizes cash flow for your business. By minimizing mistakes through comprehensive job documentation and precise instructions, our solution empowers technicians to deliver high-quality work, improving customer satisfaction and overall service quality.

simplify fiber blueprints

Digitizing As-built services

In addition to making the work easier to understand for technicians, our solution goes a step further by providing valuable information about the pole that is getting spliced. We understand the significance of accurate documentation when it comes to pole splicing tasks, and our solution ensures that all pertinent details are readily available.

Technicians can access comprehensive information about the specific pole, such as its location, identification number, and any previous maintenance history. This not only helps technicians to identify the correct pole quickly but also enables them to make informed decisions regarding splicing techniques, equipment requirements, and safety precautions. 

fiber test result compiling services

To further enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our solution, it seamlessly compiles test results from individual fiber connections and converts them from SOR (Summary of Results) files to easily accessible PDF files. Our system automates the process of gathering test data from various fiber connections, eliminating the need for manual compilation and reducing the risk of human errors. By consolidating these results into a unified format, technicians can quickly review and analyze the performance of each fiber connection.

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