Digitizing As-built services

Enhance Efficiency and Accuracy

In addition to making the work easier to understand for technicians, our solution goes a step further by providing valuable information about the pole that is getting spliced. We understand the significance of accurate documentation when it comes to pole splicing tasks, and our solution ensures that all pertinent details are readily available. Technicians can access comprehensive information about the specific pole, such as its location, identification number, and any previous maintenance history.

Gain Insights on Pole Splicing Locations with Detailed Information!

This not only helps technicians to identify the correct pole quickly but also enables them to make informed decisions regarding splicing techniques, equipment requirements, and safety precautions. By having this critical information at their fingertips, technicians can work more efficiently, minimize errors, and complete the splicing process with utmost precision and effectiveness. Our solution empowers technicians with the knowledge they need, leading to improved job performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a more streamlined overall workflow.

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