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Cabling Company in Montgomery County, PA

Modern problems require modern solutions and if you’re still running outdated loop system wiring, you’ve got a problem that only the best cable contractors can solve.  If your network can’t keep up with the demands of today’s data-driven society, you could end up falling behind your competitors!  Are you still running on an obsolete copper or old fiber optic network?  You need to be looking at cabling companies in Montgomery County, PA now!  If you’re a business owner, landlord, school administrator, or if you’re running a data center, office, or any other type of business that needs structured cabling solutions, TCG Structured Communications is the cabling contractor you should call. We provide professional voice and data cabling services.

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Fiber Splicing Company in Montgomery County, PA

Shopping around for cabling companies in Montgomery County, PA?  Located just outside Philadelphia, TCG is the structuring cabling contractors of choice for residents of Montgomery County, PA and surrounding areas.  Looking at data cabling companies in King of Prussia, PA?  We’ve got you covered, and we can even send our cable contractors to Delaware communities.  If you live across the river, we can also provide a cable contractor for fiber splicing in Cherry Hill, NJ or any other type of structured cabling jobs in Cherry Hill, NJ and nearby communities.  Get in touch with us regarding your next data cable installation project by dialing (610) 639.0401 or by heading over to our contact page and filling out the simple online form.

If you’re looking for data cable installation services in the Montgomery County, PA area, get in touch with TCG right away!  Our talented team of network wiring technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of jobs and provide industrial cabling solutions for business owners, landlords, school administrators, and more.  Get in touch with us about any of the following cabling contractor jobs and more:

  • FTTX Installation including Micro Duct and Pre-term Drop Installation, Premise Wiring, NID/ONT Installation, Aerial Fiber Construction, Provisioning, and System Cutover.
  • Fiber Optic Splicing including Multi Mode Premise Installations and Fiber Optic Splicing, Anarobic Polish Connections, High-End Low Count Ribbon Fiber Optic Splicing, and OTDR Testing
  • MUX, Entry, Transition, and Termination Fiber Optic Splicing
  • Standard, Dispersion Shifted, or Specialty Fiber
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit Data Cable Installation for data centers, schools, apartment complexes, condominiums, and businesses and companies of all sizes.
  • Category 6 network wiring installation, Cat 5 Cable Installation, and Cat5e Installation/Reorganization

These types of data cable installation projects can be complicated, so you want to know that you’re hiring the best network cabling contractors for the job.  Whether you need a cabling company in Montgomery County, PA to install a high speed fiber optic network in a brand new structure or you’re making upgrades to an existing structure, we’ve got you covered.  We can even help you reorganize your current rat’s nest of wiring into an efficient, streamlined configuration that will make future repairs and upgrades a breeze.  Our installers will quickly assess the condition of any old wiring infrastructure and recommend upgrades or other services that can help you take a step into the 21st century.  With TCG Structured Communications, you never have to worry.  You can rest easy knowing our structuring cabling contractors will complete your job correctly the first time, on time, and on budget.

Contact us today if your organization needs voice and data cabling or structured cabling solutions.

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Data Cabling Contractors in Montgomery County, PA

We know there are a lot of cabling companies for you to choose from in the Montgomery County, PA area.  If you’re looking for a cabling contractor for Cat5e installation in Montgomery County, PA, you may be wondering why you should pick TCG as the data cabling contractors for the job.  There are plenty of reasons why our clients have chosen us in the past.  Here’s why so many people have chosen us for their fiber optic jobs:

Cat 5 Cable Installation in Montgomery County, PA

First, there’s our flawless track record.  Our network cabling contractors have already completed so many projects for all kinds of different clients, and they have nothing but good things to say about us.  We’ve provided network cabling contractors to do Cat5e installation for data centers owned by Fortune 50 telecommunications corporations and have come through for them every time.  When millions of dollars were on the line, even a large company trusted us to deliver for them, and we did.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re only willing to work for a big company.  Small business owners in the Montgomery County, PA area have also taken advantage of our services, and we give them the same care and attention to detail that we give all our clients.  We believe that every client deserves the same level of excellent service, and that’s why TCG is the cabling company in Montgomery County, PA that treats all our customers the same, no matter the size of their business.

Second, there’s our competitive pricing structure.  We know you have plenty of network cabling contractors to choose from, which is why our cabling company will always do everything we can to offer you a good price on your project.  When you’re getting quotes on any data cable installation, you’ll find that we can match our competitors, and in some cases, we may be able to get your job done for less than other structuring cabling contractors in the Montgomery County, PA area.

If that wasn’t enough reasons to make us your preferred data cabling contractors, we’ve got one more for you: there’s our continued dedication to every client who hires us, from the day the project is completed and beyond.  That mean we’ll do everything we can to ensure your industrial cabling solutions work for you now and in the future.  We’ll provide scheduled maintenance appointments and if your network goes down, we’ll send out cable contractors to provide emergency service any time you need it.  Can the other cabling companies in the Montgomery County, PA area say the same? Your business means a lot to us; that’s why we always go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with your structured cabling solutions in Bucks County, PA.

Finding the best structuring cabling contractors in the Montgomery County, PA area can be tough, so don’t waste your time; hire the company with a proven track record of successful Cat 5 cable installation.  Call TCG Structured Communications to speak to a cabling contractor about your current project or any you have planned for the future.  Pick up your phone and dial (610) 639.0401 or speak to us right here on our website by heading over to the contact page and filling out the online form.  Don’t let your outdated fiber optic network hold you back; get in touch with TCG Structured Communications today for the cabling company that provides service and support you can count on.


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